The 10 Best Educational Apps for iPhone and Android

“Educational” is a term that has a diverse range of meanings. However, when we talk about best apps for kids and adults, we know that these teaching apps have to develop our skills, teach us something new and help us with some things. Here is a list of apps for iPhone and Android that are tailored for different ages therefore whether you are a high school student, a graduate or an adult working at, consider reading this article to find out with the help of which apps you can acquire new knowledge.


You will be amazed by the fact that this app is free! Look up any word you want and use this app as a dictionary or thesaurus. Moreover, you can use a regional map to see trending searches in your local area. In addition, we recommend you to look at an elucidative word each day to broaden your knowledge.

2. Lumosity

This app designed by neuroscientists is absolutely free and can challenge your memory and attention. Your cognitive abilities will be improved by a variety of mind games. Moreover, Lumosity can improve your problem solving skills. This app is available in English, German, French and Spanish languages. Thus, you may also develop your skills in learning a new language if you want to.

3. Evernote

Create to-do lists, read the tools for taking photos, craft notes and record voice reminders with the help of this app. Evernote can also synchronize a content across multiple devices.

4. Wikipedia

Wikipedia is popular worldwide. If you do not know about something or simply interested in searching the information of your interest, you may choose one of 32 million articles offered in about 280 languages. In addition, you can share any article on social networks (i.e. Twitter) or save for the usage offline. Download this large encyclopedia’s catalog for free on your Apple or Android mobile phone.

5. Coursera

Many people think that gaining a broad knowledge in different fields and spheres is a sense of life. Make your knowledge in more than 20 subject areas (math, art, science, music) deeper using Coursera that includes more than 200 free courses. You can not only enroll in classes, but also spend your free time watching the recorded lectures, streaming them and downloading.

6. TED

TED is among the best iPhone and Android education apps including more than 1,700 TED Talks. Business people, musical legends, geniuses, teachers and many other people introduce their brilliant ideas, show their presentation and simply talk about their experiences. Simply choose the topics that interest you.
This app can develop your communication and language skills if you are not a native speaker and can boost you knowledge about what is happening around you and global issues. Consider downloading TED app, we promise that you will like it.

7. Star Walk

This app costs $3 but it is worth spending money on. This high-qualitative app designed by using an augmented reality follows the movements of your gadget in real-time. It offers views on more than 200,000 stars, constellations and many other celestial bodies. Moreover, it provides interesting information about all of them. You can also download this beautiful app to know the dates of the celestial events and to see the night sky whenever you want.

8. Duolingo

Learning a new language seems to be hard, however, it is not so if you use Duolingo. This app offers free language courses on Spanish, Portuguese, English, French, German, Irish, Italian, Danish and Dutch. You can choose a level of your knowledge of a particular language (e.g. “Beginner”, “Intermediate” or “Professional”) and start. Additionally, you can use a couple of other functions of this app. For example, translate different texts, web pages and a lot of other documents in the language of your choice.

9. Wolfram Alpha

Pay $3 and enjoy this genius app! Wolfram uses numerous algorithms and a collection of date to answer all the questions you may have. Ask whatever you want and receive an answer in a couple of seconds. Is not it amazing? This engine works accurately taking the information from different sources. In addition, it offers you instructions on how the answer was gotten.

10. Learnist

Learnist is something like a social network for knowledge. Find the articles or videos on the topics that interest you. Much of its content is sequenced into online lessons. Thus, you can learn everything starting from the cooking lessons and ending with some insight into the biography of Freddie Mercury.

This list of 10 best educational apps for kids and adults that can be downloaded on iPhone and Android will definitely help you to discover a lot of interesting information and facts. Moreover, it may expand your worldview and mindset. It is also recommended to look at the best educational apps for iPad to find more amazing applications.

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