Best Places to Visit in Dubai 2014

Dubai is the most beautiful resort of the world. It has the biggest seaport of the world. This is finest point for trade in whole over the world. Therefore, many visitors from different countries like to visit Dubai for Trading. Dubai is getting more famous day by day by the beauty and attraction of its places, gardens, hotels, restaurants, entertainment, shopping malls even every facility of life will be available in Dubai. Mostly, people when think about for picnic, visit, tourism, spending vacations and holidays, they turn their visit program top ten best places of Dubai to visit in 2014. They make their plan of visit or spend their holidays, vacations and precious time in Dubai. Hence, we have earmarked 10 top ten best places to visit in Dubai for your ease in selection the best places.

Best Places in Dubai 2014

Dubai Best Places Atlantis Hotel

10. Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai is an amazing place to enjoy snowboarding, tobogganing, skiing and play in the snow with great fun and humor. Ski Dubai is a very beautiful and attracted mountain offers an opportunity for entertaining with real snow. A special gift of many ornaments, outfits, winter clothing, jewelry and snowboard equipment are always available at Ski Dubai for its tourists or visitors. The most entertaining quad chairlift grace the beauty and excitement of tourist from one place to another altitude place. This entertainment ranked ski Dubai in top ten best places of Dubai to visit in 2014.

9. Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab is the 4th tallest hotel in the world. Burj Al Arab is a majestic attraction of Dubai with its 7 star hotels and dominating billow sail structure of building. Its height is 321 meters. By its strong popularity it stands in top ten best places of Dubai to visit in 2014. This amazing building is declared best tourists place in Dubai and no visit or trip will be completed in Dubai without seeing it!

8. The Dubai Fountains

Dubai Fountains are the world largest dancing and more exciting fountains; praise in the tallest towers of world and list of top ten best places of Dubai to visit in 2014. These fountains are located at Burj Khalifa Lake with 900 ft long fountain’s water jets. Fountains present five circles of water in different sizes with two essential arcs. Although, the shining of Dubai fountains are looks visible form 20 miles away.

7. Palm Island

Palm Island is a wonderful place to spend holidays. Palm Island is a very astonishing place for visiting and touring. Many tourist and visitor came from whole world sides to visit at Palm Island in Dubai. Palm Island is famous and most popular by its famous hotels, luxury fashion markets, shopping mall. Pal Island is truly inspirational full of entertainment and excitement for world’s leisure.

6. Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is an important tribute and honor of Dubai. Burj Khalifa is world’s most beautiful tower and listed in top ten best places of Dubai to visit in 2014. Burj Khalifa provides a number of facilities that are expected by every tourist or visitor. The passage starts from Dubai Mall situated at ground lower level and continuously the journey go to the top of Burj Khalifa with a number of entertainments, joy, thrill, excitement, multi media exotic history of Dubai, etc.

5. Global Village

Must to see the culture of Dubai, you have to visit to Global Village. It presents 15 years old colure and customs of Dubai in unique trends. This village have a lot of features like as international shopping malls, mouth watering cuisine, merchandise, national pavilions and more other attractions awaited for your visit. This Global Village is well known in top ten best places of Dubai to visit in 2014.

4. Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is the one of latest tourist attraction in top ten best places of Dubai to visit in 2014. Here are many things and points to enjoy like as, boat rides, super yachts, Dubai Marina Yacht Club, sports lounges, club houses and luxury restaurants are awaited to server you.

3. Wild Wadi

Wild Wadi is the most beautiful wadi of the Dubai and situated in front of Burj Al Arab. This Wild Wadi is praised well in top ten best places of Dubai to visit in 2014. Many visitors are desirous to visit Wild Wadi firstly than other attractions. This wadi describes the history of tale of Juha.

2. Dubai Creek

The most historical place of the Dubai is Dubai Creek. Dubai Creek’s surroundings are presenting the views like as Al Maktoum Bridge, old trading port, photo gallery of Dubai Creek. This focal point cuts the center of Dubai. From this point you can also see the ancient routes of East Africa and India. Dubai Creek is full of entertainment and tardyons. It stands at good reputation in top ten best places of Dubai to visit in 2014.

1. Atlantis Hotel

Atlantis hotel is a royal resort of Dubai. It is located at man made island Palm that has incarcerate the heaven’s imaginations according to its glorious. Atlantis hotel praise by its luxury 5 star apartments, entertainment, adventure faculties, distinctive Marine habitats, exhilarating water parks, indulgent spa, cosmopolitan boutiques, white beaches and royal class cuisine in several restaurants.

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