Biggest Scandals Of 2014

World is full of happiness till that time when no scandal raise against anyone. This universe is beautiful and always bends to provide numerous facilities and fruits to mankind spending their lives on it. Some ups and downs becomes in the life of every person. Some persons faced them with polite manner and get rid off and some used their all abilities but did not succeed in solving the trouble. These troubles and problems create many other tribulations in their lives. So, individuals became much congested to spend their lives. Every person should be acquainted with here that every problem creates against a solution. So, we have to search a solution against the problems and difficulties. Here we have piled up the top 10 biggest scandals of 2014 for information and steady lessons.

10. Miss Delaware Stripped of Crown

Some officials of Miss America Pageant say Miss Delaware is too old for this participation. This scandal raised on Tuesday, When some pageant officials are reviewed Delaware’s paperwork and firm that Miss Delaware is become to o old. This scandal caught high fame in top 10 biggest scandals of 2014.

9. Lauren Conrad’s Bachelorette Party Contro

Lauren Condrad playing anti-gay game in Cabo restaurant while celebration with William. Lauren Condrad looking so cute and showing beautiful tattoos. The scandal took into social media that they obvious trival sex couple at night on Thursday near beach side of restaurant in Cabo. This scandal caught the heights in top biggest scandal of 2014. It’s become rumour at squeeze level with pop balloons.

8. Luis Suárez – Bad Boy Bares His Teeth in World Cup

Luis Suarez too much degraded by his bad boy habit, Bares his teeth in the world cup. Many social media’s comments and posting are showing in front and praise in top 10 biggest scandals of 2014. Afterwards, This is old habit that comparison to others, not leave behind the childhood.

7. Usher Defends Justin Bieber, ‘He Is Unequivocally Not a Racist’

On Saturday, his footage describing wrapping, chauvinistic humor posting and comments placed on instagram social media. The navigation Justin Bieber are potential but unequivocally not racist. Usher statement released in which he said “I am sorry….I turn my head in embarrassment”.

6. Opie & Anthony Fired for ‘Hate-Filled’

Opie & Anthony the radio show hosts Anthony Cumia has been fired by the help of satellite radio company the Sirius XM. This scandal ‘hate-filled’ and ‘racially charged’ posted remarks on the Twitter social media. These re-tweeting were degrading to women. Tweeting and re-tweeting of Cumia’s posting with remarks created much abhorrent and praise in top 10 biggest scandals of 2014.

5. George Clooney Rejects the Daily Mail Apology about Fiancée’s Mother

That’s true of Britain’s Daily Mail, says George Clooney, who has rejected an apology from the paper over a story suggesting his fiancée’s mother resist their marriage and would be preferred her daughter’s marry with a member of Druze related with religious group. This scandal is turn into popularity in top 10 biggest scandals by writing 54 statements in USA Today.

4. Jason Biggs Apologizes for ‘Poor Taste’ Tweet About Malaysian Plane

Jason Biggsis suffer from a very minor scandal of Poor Taste tweeting about the Malaysian Airlines. After the tweeting this scandal, indignity raises in the public and the well of Malaysian plane becoming baggy. This scandal is known as the shameful scandal in top 10 biggest scandals of 2014.

3. Casey Kasem’s Body Is Missing from Funeral Home

This is an amazing scandal in top 10 biggest scandals of 2014 to thrill the public with great suspense and nervousness. Casey Kasem’s daughter hire a lawyer and he is unclear where the body disposed of. Kasem’s daughter Kerri K. said that when went to get restraining order from funeral home Washington. “They did not reveal where he would end up or where he had gone,” said the karry’s lawyer.

2. Kendra and Hank’s Transsexual Activity

The scene of Kendra Wilkinson’s marriage caught be the eye of cameras continuously beleaguered marriage. On the WE TV, during the telecast of reality show, a source who is closed to Kendra said that Hank and Kendra are imagine as completely engaged in reality show, and Hank Basket cheated on her this year earlier with transsexual. People are getting delighted to look and definitely they see everything. This scandal raise high flatter in public and become more popular in top 10 biggest scandals of 2014.

1. Conrad Magazine for ‘Basic’ Diss on Twitter and Youtube

Lauren Conrad Slams across through a very big scandal that lets her in backward and took her in top 10 biggest scandals of 2014. The scandal is about the beauty magazine for the month of April coat the girl. Themed the issue with a characteristically during the month of August issue. The magazine titled “Beauty & the Beat,” the article describes celebrities that have particularly “typecast” different styles. Then the designer, Paper Crown did not locate her argument blurb to be so, flattering.

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