Top 10 Biggest Airline Companies 2014

Many airlines are established to provide travelling facilities from one place to another place. Every airline provides different facilities as comparison to another but some features are mutual. No, doubt, man always wants ease and comfort in travelling by airplane. So, he tries to find the best and biggest airlines of the world that facilitate him as expected throughout the travelling. Here we have compiled world’s top 10 biggest airlines of 2014.

10. Swiss International Air Lines

Swiss International Air Lines

Swiss International Air Lines is very popular and comfortable air lines. It came out in 2002 from remnants of obsolete Swiss air. Swiss International air lines are much famous by its comfort and reliable service, breakfast, meal and customers support team. Although, some fliers establish economy seat soothe to be lacking. Most eulogize cabin circle for its very friendly service and the wide variety of matching to adult beverages becomes highly appreciated in top 10 biggest airlines of 2014.

9. Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific

Cathy pacific got High score from skytrax by its amazing management. This air line provides in flight excitement, consistent rest atmosphere, seat comfort, educated team handle to the customers in good manner. This airline is very useful for public by its lots of features, usual fare charges, soft marketing system and fast tracking. Cathy pacific airlines raised very high reputation in top 10 biggest airlines of 2014.

8. All Nippon Airways

All Nippon Airways

ANA is Japan’s largest and well known international airlines in the list of top 10 biggest airlines of 2014. All Nippon Airways depict very high honor from the skytrax miscellaneous reviewers across the world. It also get award in the top 10 biggest airlines of 2014 by its large fleet and obtained high score for reliable services, cleanliness, safety, reclining seats, USB and power sockets outlets and good management.

7. Malaysia Airlines

Malaysia Airlines

Malaysia Airlines is well profound in international airlines and has drawn good praise amongst marketing round the world. These airlines are consists of many features that have well desired by everybody. Its reclining standard of seat is one of the best in top 10 biggest airlines of 2014. Its fares are too economical and easy reach of common people. So, it got high rank and popularity in public than others.

6. Lufthansa Airlines

Lufthansa Airlines

Lufthansa is a largest airline in Europe. Lufthansa is full of managed features, services, marketing and generally is silently exceptional. In fact, this air lines got high score in the running list of top 10 biggest airlines of 2014. Its services for in-flight and long-haul are amazing as expected by public.

5. Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines

Singapore airlines are one of the world’s high rated airlines. Singapore airlines won the tops in ranking of score at skytrax by its good condition of cabins and cleanliness, entertainment during in flight and efficient services in every overhaul. Its noticeable service provides pleasant atmosphere during journeys by its trained and well educated staff that deal with customers with great honor, respect and care. Owing to best services, Singapore airlines drew best rank in top biggest airlines of 2014. It provides facility of watching different channels and required collection at personal TVs with great entertainment.

4. Virgin Australia Airline

Virgin Australia Airline

Virgin Australia airline is the biggest airline in the virgin brands. It has massive growth in the market of pacific Asia as well all over the world from its founding in 2000. Virgin Australia is very hot airline in top 10 biggest airlines 2014. In distinctive fashion of Virgin, this airline provide numerous features like as personal TVs, good interior lighting and touch screen features are also established.

3. New Zealand Airlines

New Zealand Airlines

New Zealand Airlines are the world’s most experienced and awarded airlines. These airlines are known as honorable airlines by its financial performance. This airline got third rank in top 10 biggest airlines of 2014. In flight innovation, operational safety and soft motivations by its trained staff are more effective.

2. Emirates Airlines

Emirates Airlines

Emirates airlines is more famous and precious first class airline that has prevail many awards. In the market of airlines got 2nd biggest rank in top 10 biggest airlines 2014. Its new launched first class product is a big hallmark and provides every long haul fleets.

1. American Airlines

American Airlines

American airlines are known as the world’s No 1 and premium airlines. American airlines are providing the best facilities of new age to its travelers. American airlines are well reputed and got first rank in top 10 biggest airlines of 2014. American airlines consists of many features expected by traveler like as privacy, great comfort, flexibility, standardization, personal TVs, best trained staff and many other features.

We recommend you to opt from the above list to travel to any part of the world, as these companies have the best services.

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