Top 10 Most Watched Martial Arts Movies

Martial art is the best art of fight in the world. It integrates the ingenuity, strength, passion and power of sense during fight. Martial art is the most delectably entertainment when it would be watched on screen or ground. It’s difficult to determine how many people like to watch martial arts movies in the world because it’s easy source of training and entertainment for every age even kids. The great benefits to watching the martial arts movies is that, it produces a passion of energy to fight with enemies and with circumstances round the life. For people’s excitement we have enlisted 10 most watched martial arts movies. You must have to watch these martial arts movies for further training.

10. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

It is a serene action movie and thrilling love story with the ‘kick “kung-fu-kick’. It starts with theft of a magic sword, the Green fortune. As the sword is stolen, the soldier Yu Shu Lien offer chase, skipping the blithely transversely rooftops that blaze silver in moonlight. When pursuit gives mode to fight, rule book of the action cinema isn’t only be discarded but wedged to ribbons. However, this is a great martial arts film and became well reputed by Lee’ production in 10 most watched martial arts movies.

9. Tai Chi Zero 2012

Tai Chi Zero 2012

The Tai Chi Zero was released in 2012 and got valuable rank in 10 most watched martial arts movies. A youthful martial arts genius seeks preparation in secret of Tai Chi style of the Chen village. He finds his refused request quickly. Though, with Qing family coming toward end, and the industry beating at the entrance, the Chen village found itself in shape of a hero. Tai Chi Zero is approximately mix martial arts of Kung Fu Hustlein’ fight and Scott pilgrim in. This film is full of comedy and shatters.

8. Shaolin (Xin shao lin si)


Shaolin (Xin shao lin si)

The superior Hao Jie derides the Shaolin’s masters later than killing the rival war lord in the temple grounds. This film was got well-known popularity in 10 most watched martial arts movies. Hao is required to seek rescue with monks. As the social unrest widen and many people endure. Hao and Shaolin masters are forced to get a stand against war lords by debut a plan of liberate and escape from them. Shaolinis get little feminine about the act and developed character.

7. Ip Man ‘Yip Man’

Ip Man ‘Yip Man’

In 1930 the huge quantity of martial art schools established at Foshan in China. Ip Man, who did not hope to admit any student, When any group of Northerner, successfully battered the masters, it cataract on Ip Man to protect Foshan’s reputation. If you are most shocking of watching martial you must have to watched Ip Man ‘Yip Man’ film that’s chorography is amazingly directed in 10 most watched martial arts movies.

6. Master of the Flying Guillotine

Master of the Flying Guillotine

Master of the Flying Guillotine was released in 1976. It describes the aspects of Wang’s 1971 film of the year The One Armed boxer. In this film the role, blind master of two amazing characters murdered in the first film that is out for vengeance against one-armed-protagonist, get his weapons of choice, the totally gloomy “flying the guillotine. This amazing film has excellent characters that had made this movie best out of 10 most watched martial arts movies.

5. Ong Bak, Muay Thai Warrior

Ong Bak, Muay Thai Warrior

Ong Bak was the best platform of raw, like as brutal the martial arts. After a long decade, tendency characters still more famous during wire work and optimizing the special effects. After great efforts and mutual work of team this film raised to top 10 most watched martial arts movies.

4. Fist of Legend Jet Li’s

Fist of Legend Jet Li’s

This film released in 1994 with the latest characters that had spread their popularity with performing best martial art in 10 most watched martial arts movies. It was most low budget film and has not old particularly, above all contrasted to the next entrance on the list. Li’s outstanding recreate ended-up mortal more prominent in its right. This film was rated amongst 10 most watched martial arts movies.

3. Enter the Dragon

Enter the Dragon

Bruce Lee’s best film Enter the Dragon that was most polished by viewers. It was released first time in 1973. Enter-the-Dragon was first martial arts Chinese film that to be produced by the Hollywood studio. Lee was performed a large amount of imaginative control more than the project. This was the first step of development of Chinese industry of martial arts films to Hollywood that became more successful.

2. Magnificent Butcher

Magnificent Butcher

The Magnificent Butcher film was about labor of love from a few of best martial arts team. The portly Sammo Hung described his very attractive character as bumbling but most talented and meaningful. In this film all actors performed the best techniques, incredibly athletic and funny martial arts.

1. Shaolin Soccer ‘Siu lam juk kau’

Shaolin (Xin shao lin si)

This is the most popular film in the trend of martial arts. In this film all character had displayed their performance exemplary. They engaged the people with their martial techniques and assessments. This is the No 1 film of best comedy martial arts movies till to date in 10 most watched martial arts movies. Sing was juvenile Shaolin master who performed excellent character with comedy and martial arts.

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