Top 10 Hollywood Movies 2014

Hollywood trendy movies have always presented the features of entertaining, excitement, comedy, technology, drama, thrill, action, fiction, and adventures, etc. In this running age how many people of fond of when this or that Hollywood movie is to be released. Since, they have to watch the latest Hollywood movie as soon as possible. The fact is laying behind this aspect is, at the starting of movie’s production the trailer of movie has been released for the advertisement and spreading foundation amongst people to watch the movie. Which make the passion and interest in people towards watching movies? Hollywood presents lots variety of movies in which most high rated 10 trendy Hollywood movies 2014 are appended below:

10. Robo Cop

Robo Cop is much publicized movie which told incredible real story of a man. Who got a busload of passenger’s convict and ended at the middle of media circus and started to survive the people. Robo Cop is a scientific animated movie which makes the Hollywood the house box of technology’s movies. This movie spread the passion of survival against terrorism in population. Inside, varied action and anticipation with a provocative account of the life and death in slums of Rio-de-Janeiro is a great character. Whatever the Robo Cop movies won the heart of people in character of sympathy and this film got well popularity in 10 trendy Hollywood movies 2014.

9. Need For Speed

This movie is produced for thrill and adventure seeking people. Need for speed movie is a amazing, interested and adventure based movie as comparison with video games. It is based on EA production in which racing game franchise and long running races are better ancestry than most. The great Aron Paul the street racer displayed his amazing performance in this movie by completing the vengeance missions across the highways.

8. Muppets Most Wanted

This is the successful movie in this age. Several jobs do not become easier for working team behind the top movie Muppets. After great popularity, this movie makes its viewer to choose the selection is big challenge. In this movie, crime cavort we are getting, one that looks the Muppets headline across the Europe in midst of reprehensible plan by world’s No 1 criminal. This caste and thrill make this movie interesting. This film got rank No 8 out of 10 Trendy Hollywood movies 2014.

7. The LEGO

First time the style of LEGO is presented in visual style on screen. The movie is produced with lots of different characters in the LEGO type, with the Wondering Woman, Green Lantern, Superman and Batman. After the ranking in 10 trendy Hollywood movies the visual style as comedy present the world’s cloudy. LEGO movie is surely determining to follow in their respective path and do not be astonished if this twist out to be a generous hit.

6. Captain America

Winter Soldier Marvel has two tremendous films wizened up for the running year 2014. The Winter Soldier raise up the several themes that we watched so finely explored in the first movie. This movie is most excited, entertainment and anonymous comedy presented great visual display. Children and youthful are so excited after the release of this movie and after a huge number of watching this trendy movie this movie got rank in 10 trendy Hollywood movies 2014.

5. How to Train Your Dragon 2

How to Train your Dragon 2 is a terrific looking and animated movie. Its production is not too simple than earlier movie. The movie was triumph for the Dream Works of Animation, and debatably this Hollywood movie is one of the best 10 trendy Hollywood movies 2014.

4. Guardians of the Galaxy

The Guardian of the Galaxy is the best movie in top 10 trendy Hollywood movies 2014. This movie is produced on a large gamble. That we can get featured a movie at the base of space adventure that including the circumstances i.e. tree, cooper voicing the raccoon, The Karen Gillan without hair. The most important cast of different characters that was not too easy to perform. Besides all of them this movie spread a thrill between viewers.

3. The Raid 2

This movie is produced on a simple but great concept basis about storming of the drug lord’s dwelling home by the group of miscellaneous cops. The stars casted in this movie have performed the intensively characters in displaying horror, thrill, adventure and exotics actions. This movie got ranked at no 3 out of 10 trendy Hollywood movies 2014.

2. Birdman

The great cast of birdman featured by wonderful hero who fallen in the eyes of public that is Michael Keaton. Birdman was a animated, thrill action and comedy movie that had caught the heat of public after watching the movie. Moreover, Birdman declared the 2nd top 10 trendy Hollywood movies 2014.

1. X-Men

X-Men 2014

A real story of man cinematic universal movie ‘X-Men’ declared as no 1 movie out of 10 trendy Hollywood movies 2014. This movie presents a quality variety of features like love, thrill, action, animations and strategic characters. This movie appended a great place in the heart of public with x2 grading in grossing profit by selling more tickets and soft copies.

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