Top 10 Best Amusement Parks 2014

Theme parks are the archetypal part of everyone in the world mostly in summer season. Generally, many people visits to theme parks for entertainment, enjoyments, freshness and making lots of fun. Visit to theme park are the best source of spreading joy and happiness habitually between families. Kids and younger boys and girls are too fond of visiting to best theme parks in the world. Whenever, anyone wants to plan for picnic or to change the mind’s stuff by visiting to best theme parks in the world. They should have to turn their aspect towards these countdown 10 best theme parks in the world:

10. Six Flags Great Adventure & Wild Safari: USA

Six Flags Great Adventure & Wild Safari USA

The valuable park is situated at at New Jersey for dare devils continuously searching for latest adventures. This park is designed from the expectation of such individuals, what they want to enjoy. The park has fastest and very tallest roller coaster in whole world conquering speed of 128 mph at the height of 456’ feet. Here is another journey is available that can catch your heartbeats to unexpected latest level.

9. Walt Disney World: Orlando, United States

Walt Disney World Orlando, United States

This Disney Park is constructed appendage to Disney land in the California. That is totally different from other parks inside reside. Walt Disney enjoyable and glee park that is most visited by many VIPs and celebrities. Walt Disney World became most famous in running months out of best theme parks in the world.

8. Cedar Point: Ohio-USA

Entrance to Cedar Point

If you have theme of entertainment, excitement and amused on the roller coaster afterward this park is available for you! This park is known as 2nd oldest park in United States of America and reputed in 10 best theme parks in the world. Here are many other entertainments include magnum XL, raptor, corkscrew and streak. Besides this park have also 3 x water rides. This park also boasts 3 water rides.

7. Europa Park: Germany

Europa Park Germany

This park is the largest themes park out of 12 several parks in Europe. This park describes the several cultures of many countries of Europe. This park is full of everything available in the whole world for entertainment and ranking in 10 best theme parks in the world. The things become the cause of attraction of park are different types of circuses, duel, dance of minor celebrities and many more entertainment in adventure sports. This park integrated enjoyment and entrainment for everyone like kids, elders and aged people.

6. Black Pool Pleasure Beach: Lancashire-UK

Black pool Pleasure Beach Lancashire-UK

Black pool amuse beach is a absolutely entertainment and excitement package for every member of family. Hence, this park is most visited amusing theme park in UK that is well grade in 10 best theme parks in the world. It is filled with beautiful attractions consist of latest show on ice-dance, which is become best source of entertainment for visitors and spectators. It also provides the facility of incredible roller coaster rides that is first looping-coaster. This park is a source of great enjoyment.

5. Canada’s Wonderland: Canada

Canada’s Wonderland Canada

One of the dedicated parks in Canada is Canada’s Wonderland. This park provides entertainment of variety shows, rides on too long roller coaster made by wooden. This park is mostly known as kids park in 10 best theme parks in the world because here more excitement and entertainment for kids. To which they utilize to associate with several heroes like as Mr. Been and Scooby Doo.

4. Port Aventura: Spain

Port Aventura Spain

The Port Aventura is the best place in Spain for thrill seeker & adventure loving people. Port Aventura is dispersed into 5 small sections designed according to 5 several countries biggest parks such as Polynesia, Mexico, China, Far west and Mediterranean. It also offers riding facility with Hurakan condor and falling out from 282 foot-free tilted seats. This park is having good ranking in 10 best theme parks in the world.

3. Everland: South Korea

Everland South Korea

Everland is situated at Yongin in South Korea. Everland is more popular park in designated theme 10 best theme parks in the world. It is designed exclusively for families. This park offers a number of entrainment, excitement, amusement included different floats, parades, and laughing shows for every ages. Everland also provide Eagle fortress rides to thrill seeking and adventures.

2. Galaxy Land: Alberta Australia

Galaxy Land Alberta Australia

This is the world largest theme park that is situated at West Edmonton Mall in Canada. This park is offer most amusement, excitement, glee and adventures including like as twenty four thrilling rides and big play ground for fun of children. Galaxy land is most famous park in 10 best theme parks in the world as it has largest triple loop roller coaster of the world for their visitors and much more excitements!

1. NRMA Ocean Beach Holiday Park: Australia

NRMA Ocean Beach Holiday Park Australia

It is most popular and No 1 Ocean Beach Holiday Park in Australia. It is reputed in Top in 2014 in NSW. This park is designed essentially for families. This park provides entertainments including toddlers wedding pool, tropical resort pool, adventure playground, waterfall, jungle gym, jumping pillows and much more! This park is also provides accommodation to families near luxury hot tub villas, cabins to caravan and tent sites. You must visit this park for adventure for your children because this park is no 1 out of 10 best theme parks in the world.

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